Siddhik's Story

The Genesis of Siddhik

Reminiscing the quarantine times when the pandemic hit the world in April 2020, Ankur Bansal-founder of Siddhik, uncover the need to stay herbal rooted with nature's assets.

The founder's mother preparing a 'kada' to fight the ailments and watching her infusing the maximum herbal benefits during the Covid-times' spur him to originate a product that resonates the benefits of Kada.

Creating Kada as an essence of herbal infusion, he remoulds it and brings up the primary and modified version as Herbal Tea. Curated with herbal ingredients like Ginger, Lemon, Giloy, Honey, and raw sugar (jaggery), it manifests immunity booster and detoxifying properties.

Delving into the herbal properties and their benefits, he aims to has an in view to change the sedentary lifestyles and fill-up to the levels of complete purity, good health, and calmness through a brand called Siddhik.

The name Siddhik derives its attention from the embodies of Ganesha and distinguishes itself to be Alokik and bestow the world of spirituality. The leaf is a portrayal of natural and herbal elements. Siddhik exemplifies prosperity and growth from the roots of nature to benefit the body.

At Siddhik, we en route ourselves to the journey of being the beacon of hope for delivering the best of herbal products for the well-being of an individual. Our products are profusely ingrained with natural ingredients, embracing the deep-rooted Indian culture. The products aim to exude the perfect amalgamation of nature's benefits along with luscious flavours. To endeavour the maximum health benefits, we live up to all-natural and herbal free from chemical touch.

We imbue to uplift lifestyle and turn it to blooming lives with the conceptualisation of herbal components that became the healing ailments for your daily lifestyle. Staying rooted in Mother Nature, we aspire to initiate with additional products for skin and body and aim to keep it 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate-free and at best of affordability. Our products desire to rejuvenate the mind and make it stress-free and into the world of peace.

Embracing the modern needs to stay in good health, we have a sight to bring the best version of herbal elements and ambrosial flavours that make you feel great about it.