Our Team

Brewing up a herbal storm

Siddhik Herbs was launched in 2019 by tea lover, Ankur Bansal, with an idea to introduce herbal products into everyone’s life. Knowing the incredible power of herbal ingredients, the brand’s mission is to offer the finest blend of essential herbs in its versatile range of products to promote a healthy lifestyle. To offer the purest herbal products, the brand directly picks from farmers and first sources.

The brand offers a variety of herbal products, including herbal teas. Knowing the fact that tea is nothing short of a companion in our lives, the brand offers a premium range of herbal teas to amplify the productivity and health of tea lovers.

At Siddhik Herbs, we offer a hand-picked range of herbal teas with therapeutic qualities good for body and spirit. Our team of professionals leave no stone unturned to ensure the highest level of quality maintained during the processing and delivery process of herbal products.

Our main motive is to bring the finest range of herbal teas from all four corners to serve the best quality to our customers. Being a tea lover, we completely understand the expectations of tea users, thus, leave no stone unturned to offer the highest nutritional value, freshness, taste, and purity. Every single herbal product that we offer goes through multiple quality checks before final packaging. 

Brand story

It all started way back in 2019 by tea lover Ankur Bansal. Being a connoisseur and explorer, he visits a lot of places to explore different things. In 2019, he learned about herbal products, including herbal teas. After using them for over a year, he realized that most of the common and day-to-day health problems can easily be treated while using herbal products, including teas. Then, he started doing research on herbal products to gain further knowledge. Thus, the seed was planted in 2019. After a couple of months, he gave birth to his herbal brand, Siddhik Herbs, to spread the benefits of pure and healing herbs all across the world.

He is now committed to delivering the finest herbal products with the help of his team of professionals. The brand is now one of the leading traders of herbal products in India.

A valuable addition to Siddhik's family, since its inception, Sanchit Bansal for product development and design has proven to be a treasured asset for the company. At present he is a business student in London.