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Health Benefits of Herbal Tea, Uses and Its Side Effects

04 Dec 2020

Herbal Tea, Uses, Side Effects and Health Benefits Analyzed

Nowadays, people are addicted to sugary and caffeinated drinks that cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Though they give an instant adrenaline rush but have potential side-effects in long term. Despite knowing the side-effects, avid professionals still consume them because they don’t know the best alternative. Here, we are talking about herbal tea which is considered the healthiest and the best alternative to your regular sugar and milk made tea. Sipping a cup of herbal tea regularly will bring multiple benefits to your body. A modern range of herbal teas offers different flavours and nutritional value to enhance your tea drinking experience tenfold. Siddhik Herbs, a leading herbal tea brand in India, offers a wide array of herbal teas with natural ingredients and herbs to uplift your health quotient to the next level. Herbal U Tisane is one of the best herbal teas to boost immunity.

Health benefits of Herbal tea

•             First of all, herbal teas come with a unique aroma and taste meant to offer a holistic experience and natural vibes.

•             Secondly, these teas are made up of natural ingredients without adding any artificial color or flavor. Most of the herbal teas are purely vegan in nature. One doesn’t need to worry a little about any kind of side-effects. Most of the ingredients are natural herbs such as ginger, clove, pepper, green tea, cardamom, basil, honey, etc.

•             Thirdly, herbal teas are quite effective in balancing body temperature. It is believed that herbal teas offer a cooling effect on the body. This is the reason why people consume herbal tea when they fall ill due to seasonal fever or bacterial infection.

•             Fourthly, you can consume herbal tea for digestion. If you have some stomach gastric issue, flatulence, or any stomach related infection then herbal tea will act as a boon for you.

•             Fifthly, you can take herbal tea to boost immunity. Today, the major concern among people all across the world is a coronavirus. Knowing how dangerous the virus is one must boost his/her immune system to avoid catching bacterial infections, common cold, and other types of seasonal fevers.

Vital uses of herbal tea

There are many uses of herbal tea.

•             You can take herbal tea for skin and hair. If you have rough skin and hair problems then the tea will act as a strong wall to keep you away from all kinds of odds to protect your skin and hair.

•             It’s also helpful to remove bad breath and toxins from your body.

•             It helps you to regulate your body weight, enhance your energy levels, and boost your immune system.

•             If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, common cold, migraine pain, or any digestion related issue then it should be taken regularly to eliminate the problems.

Side-effects of herbal tea

First of all, herbal tea doesn’t cause any kind of potential side-effects. However, some may witness minor side-effects like heartburn, nausea, dizziness, or soreness in the mouth.


Herbal tea is nothing short of a boon in today’s times when the world is fighting against the pandemic. It acts as a shield against potential airborne diseases and infections and stops them to cause damage to your body. Healthy U Tisane by Siddhik Herbs is the finest herbal tea available in the market to offer multiple health benefits like never before.