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What is The Difference Between Tea And Tisane

04 Jan 2021

Tea is one of the most popular beverages across the world and it is consumed by people on a regular basis. In India, tea is nothing short of a household beverage that is being consumed almost every day. It is a part of our celebrations, festivals, and day to day activities. With over a thousand types of teas available in the market, there is no scarcity of tea in the Indian market. However, the surprising part is that the options don’t include herbal teas that are not exactly teas. They are made up of herbal and natural ingredients to supply essential nutrients to one’s body. For instance, Healthy U Tisane and Immuno Buzz Tisane are two powerful herbal teas available in the Indian market.

So, let’s explore the difference between tea and tisane.

What Is Tea?

Precisely, tea comes from the leaves of one particular plant, Camellia Sinensis. It is an Asian shrub that is behind the making of many black teas, including Earl Grey, Chinese green tea, and Japanese green tea. Black teas are processed and oxidized to make them dark darker in color. Whereas, white teas are kept out to dry. In short, black teas are processed and oxidized to get their rich dark color.

What Is Tisane?

Tisane is a term denoted as herbal teas. They are not exactly teas as they don’t come directly from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Tisanes are basically made of multiple leaves, roots, herbs, bark, seeds, berries, and spices. That’s why they are called herbal teas. There is no artificial flavor or colors are added to them in order to keep them 100% pure and natural. The most popular and common tisanes are Chamomile, Healthy U Tisane, Immuno Buzz Tisane, etc.

Major Differences Between The Two

•             Most of the teas have caffeine as a main ingredient. Whereas tisanes don’t have caffeine and purely made of natural herbs and spices.

•             The brewing time of normal tea is comparatively shorter than herbal teas. Green, black and white teas have shorter steeping times compared to herbal teas. Tisanes are made up of herbal ingredients, thus, take up to 15 minutes to steep.

•             Tisanes are usually brewed in boiling water to get a perfect cup. It will keep the aromas intact, unlike black and green teas.

•             Tisanes offer many health benefits as they are purely made of natural herbs, seeds, spices, and roots. Whereas, black and green teas have limited benefits due to the inclusion of caffeine.


So, what should you pick? If you are looking for multiple health benefits or don’t want to consume caffeine then you must pick herbal teas. However, if you are someone who loves to grab a cup of caffeine every day then you can consume black, green, or white tea. But, in a long run, herbal tea is the best beverage that doesn’t cause any side-effects and supplies all the essential nutrients to your body.